Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bebe Cruz

Welcome to the World, Bebe Cruz!

Auntie Susie

Seb's Cars; Seb, mum and dad!

Seb has his very own car!  And the family too.

Seb's Cars: Gracie and Teddie

Here's Gracie and Teddy, riding in Seb's cars!

Seb's Cars, gma and pop!

Here's gma and pop, riding in Seb's Cars!

Seb's Cars

This is a set of cars that I made for Seb!
One side is numbered.....the other side....well, you can see for yourself!  All fit nicely into this cool little box (top)

I'm sharing them with Seb via Skype right now....
when new baby comes, will send them to him.


70th Anniversary

Last month, we got together to celebrate our parent's 70th Anniversary!  So I made this little painting (10" x 10" on wood);  this pic was taken before everyone had a chance to sign....heart tree at top is mom and dad's;  going clockwise, sister trees, at the bottom, grandchildren trees, and heart tree on left side is for the greats;  (room for more!)

It was fun to be together with our amazing parents.