Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let Your Light Shine

This is a painting made per request of my office mates, who wanted something to decorate our new office. I was interested in doing a landscape featuring roots of a tree, but when my father visited and saw all the beautiful clouds in our beautiful wall of windows, he suggested I do a painting of clouds. So, here we have a cloud tree.
There are lots of written messages in this painting as well, which explains the title. I'm not sure this painting is finished yet. But I'm posting it today bec it's Candace's bday!


Candace said...

Oh Susan I LOVE it!!! I think that you brought all of the seasons together from the green spring grass to the snowy colored clouds/ leaves! I can't wait for the painting to hang in our office! Thanks so much!

Jay M said...

I too think this one is fantastic. It gives me hope that I will get through this week! Just two more days of teaching to go!!!!!!!!!!


Daily Paintings said...

Candace, I'm so glad you like it!

And Jay, you WILL get through the week!

And to all, Let Your Light Shine!