Tuesday, August 19, 2008

skimmer family

Here they are, at water's edge. ( I really liked the wet sand and it's reflections. ) One of the chicks was a bit older, and so was trying out just one wing.
This is just a little 5" x 7", so I didn't have room to fit the other parent, not being a miniature painter by any means. Using a small brush, in fact, runs against my nature. But I do have some larger canvases ready, so stay tuned. I'll get the whole family portrait eventually.
Cheers, Susan


Holly said...

The reflections of the skimmers on the wet sand is beautiful, and I love how you captured the curiosity of the baby trying out his wings! Enchanting! h

Daily Paintings said...

thanks, Holly....they WERE enchanting!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rendition of photo -- you captured the reflections really well. Mom & Dad