Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Happy New Year, dear readers!
Here is my little lively New Year's calf to usher in 2009....fitting, I think, for the upcoming year of the cow.
So, for 2009, I am planning some changes; I would like to make some large paintings so I will not be posting so often....but please check back, as I will post whatever I am doing!
Plus, this means.....a big clean up is in order for the "studio"!!! Big job, there.
Love, and cheers,


indigomar said...

Happy cleaning and Happy New Year! I like your small work, looking forward to your large pieces.

merci33 said...

I'm so happy that I hopped over to see your New Year calf...I was in Colonial Williamsburg on Christmas day (the mood is so festive and the decorations are divine) and my favorite part of being there was seeing the 2 baby calves that were frolicking in the pasture with their was not possible to keep the grin off the face... I felt that same delight return on seeing this wonderfully colorful fellow that you've painted.

Daily Paintings said...

ooh, I would've loved to have seen those frolicking babies!

thanks for your comments,

Jay M said...

It has been so wonderful to see your daily paintings (almost on a daily basis!!!)!. However, very excited to see what you produce on a 'larger' scale and amazing to look at all of your dailies over the entire year- very productive! Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more!!!

Not So! Daily Paintings said...

thank you, Jay. What I will miss most about posting daily is your comments.
But, it has so far been a nice break for me....I will post again soon!