Monday, May 26, 2008

altered book

I know this is not very exciting, but I thought I would share stage I of my altered book. It occured to me that I should've taken a picture of it before I even started, but I didn't think of it in time, so here it is, very stage I.

I will be posting more as this book develops! (there is the exciting tallking dog page at the end of the book, which caused me to almost cut off my thumb).

I also intended to post my 2nd painting on Ebay last night, but thought I needed the day off. So I will get around to it~ soon!
I guess you don't say Happy Memorial Day....but rather, Thanks and Remembrance Day......thanks, dad.
and, love.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pinks and great use of string, especially the red strands.
how many dragonflies did you have to kill for this work? i can't believe anyone would use real dragonflies...

Daily Paintings said...

Anonymous, me thinks you've stayed up all night again!
This comment must go with "razzle dazzle"!
So, to answer your question, no killings occured, m'dear. Although I do collect and use various (real) wings.