Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beginnings~ on Ebay!

To celebrate 50 daily painting posts, I've put my very first daily, "Beginnings" , on Ebay! Even better, the starting bid is $7.99! You can check it out by going to Ebay and doing a search for "orginal art by Susan B Marlowe"!
I thought I would research Ebay (and I did try) but that doesn't seem to be my style, so I just jumped in. Probably lots of lessons to be learned.
Lots of love,


Jay M said...

Tried to find it but with no luck. What is the title you used to describe the painting (for example- "Cow painting")


holy cow said...

the title is "Original Art by Susan B. Marlowe; "Beginnings", Acrylic."
The category is art.
Then hit search.
hope that works, it does for me!