Monday, May 19, 2008

into the light

one more boat!
This one using another piece of hand dyed silk, some marbled and dyed papers, and an Aussie stamp.


Jay M said...

Like the movement in this one although I imagine that your cows are disappointed that your painting has taken you away from the green pastures!


Anonymous said...

the sail and the mast have good shape. the light is a good effect.

however, the blue swath of cloth seems to lose the shape of the boat, taking away much of the imagery of the piece.

i don't know if its the cut of the cloth, or if the sail should be moved back on the boat, but this piece doesnt seem to convey the easy grace of the rest of the sailing series.

maybe this one just has too many blocks of color, or too many elements... but i still like the sailing series.

holy cow said...

Jay: no worries, more cows to come!
Anonymous: you are right on; I tried to force the shape with the piece of fabric I had, falling prey to it's beauty....
To you both: I also like the theme of sailing, and of water....think there will be more to come.