Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mom and me

Here is an early mother's day card....the first of three....the technique: a photo transfer over piano music, then painted and collaged.
What I think is hilarious is my expression; not too happy about that home Toni perm, and about having to wear a dress!
But mom looks, as always.....gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

you look pissed. grandma looks good. but jesus, that look on your face.

now i know where jay got that look from... y'know, when we had to pose outside grandmother's house...

holy cow said...

haha, you nailed it!
(and, you really did stay up all night!)

Jackie said...

Happy Early Momma's Day Susan! Fortunately, I've never seen that scowl - working "home based" does have advantages :-)
Also, hurray for demise of home perms!

Jay M said...

And your mother's day card is in the mail! I can only imagine that there were times in my younger years that I gave you a similar face.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm remembering a certain Mother - Daughter Girl Scout Brunch we went to where I styled my own hair and scowled ferociously while you beamed at the camera. Also, how funny that your hair style looks just like Jay's in the ninth grade! How about that?!!


holy cow said...

oh, gosh, Michelle, I'd forgotten about that picture. I ought to compile a group of photos of disgruntled, ticked-off children....wouldn't that be funny.

BYT,I forwarded your comment to Jay, as I knew he'd appreciate being reminded about his 9th grade hair do.