Tuesday, May 27, 2008

razzle dazzle

Here's a little razzle dazzle with silk, homemade paper, flax and dragonflies.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors with that incredible silk (and great memories of you finding that treasure), lovely combo with the handmade paper, and creative touch with the dragonflies. (Is this one on ebab-couldn't find it posted to bid on it?!) h

Daily Paintings said...

Thanks, Holly...no, it's not on Ebay....yet!!! I meant to post a new painting this weekend, but never got around to it....I'll send you a notification when I do!

Jay M said...

Been busy over the last week and was pleased to see a number of new paintings! Very exciting. I like the butterfly cow and the ones where you use text from those old stamps. thanks for sharing


Daily Paintings said...

thanks, Jay. I too like the butterfly cows, and that old stamp set is just such a joy. Coming up this week are some redo's of paintings I borrowed back from 87 Ruffin St to perk up and deepen the colors....also, your sis has reinhabited her room (aka, my studio!) for a short while!